La Lonja fish market of El Campello

Pescado fresco El Campello

La Lonja fish market of El Campello

Seafood is brought out continuously on white trays at the Harbor market “La lonja” of El Campello.   All the fish and seafood have just been fished directly from local fishermen. Yes, the freshest fish that we can find today without any intermediary. From the fisher boat to the end customer.

The man in the white apron “sings” the prices at a surprisingly fast pace, and the words flow from his mouth naturally. The seafood auction begins and prices go down.

There is a large crowd of people made up of local citizens, foreigners and restaurant owners waiting for the decrease in the price of fish. With a guarantee that the product is very fresh and local make the auction quick and entertaining to watch. The harbor market “La lonja” of Campello is unique.


This is the famous El Campello fish auction. Every day at 18:00 in the afternoon since 1991 the fishermen of El Campello are the ones that have maintained this tradition. La Lonja of El Campello is one of the few fish markets in Spain where we can buy the fish of the day without any intermediary, directly from the boat.

Worth noting and supporting because you really find very fresh fish at very good prices and there really is nothing else like it.


How does the auction work? Each fishing boat places its catch of the day on several white trays and gives them to the fish market for auction. These fish trays are sold by weight. The auctioneer begins to sell the tray at the price that the fisherman has set and begins to lower the price until a person in the crowd raises his hand, therefore, buys the tray, or until the minimum price has been reached and this  is when the fisherman raises his hand.

If you see something you like at a good price, all you have to do is raise your hand or say “that’s mine!”
This is how we will stop the auction. If no one claims the tray, the price of that tray will be the minimum price set by the fisherman.


This can be quite an entertaining experience! Don’t forget that at the end you will be able to cook a fantastic and fresh Mediterranean seafood dinner. And if you don’t want to cook … don’t worry, as there are some restaurants in the city that are willing to cook the seafood for you!

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