Great plans for your vacation in Alicante

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Great plans for your vacation in Alicante

Alicante is known as the Capital of the Holiday region of the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain for  its weather among many other things.

Alicante has an endless sequence of white sand beaches and perfect for those seeking both relaxation and fun , the city has gorgeous beaches and views that will make you want to return again and again.

In Alicante there is a medieval fortress towering over the city and a classic Mediterranean old town with whitewashed houses and cobbled streets.  You can spend the mornings in museums and churches and the afternoons swimming in crystal clear waters and dozing in a sand chair under the umbrella.  Alicante’s state of the art tram network makes getting from one attraction to another a breeze.

Now let’s explore the different places where you can create fun plans for your holidays in Alicante:

1. Santa Barbara Castle

This fabulous castle is located at the top of Mount Benacantil and has views of the old town, port and bay of Alicante

One of the best times to visit is right before sun rises  You can walk or use the elevator, which is located just behind Postiguet beach, contemplate the amazing panorama of Alicante a mountainous landscape worthy to make space for meditations, gratitude and appreciation.

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2. Esplanada de España

A refined promenade made entirely of marble and useful to direct you on your way it starts from the Old town and continues to the marina.

In most Spanish cities, a family walk is part of the lifestyle and walks like the esplanade help you do so in style.

You’ll get a real feel for the atmosphere of Alicante as you stroll around the palm trees and watch everyday life unfold in the city.  Around you can see the beautiful terraces and market stalls.

There are incredible views of the coastline and after dark in summer this well-lit walkway benefits from a refreshing sea breeze at the end of sweltering days.

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3. Arqchaeological museum

The MARQ Provincial Archaeological Museum of Alicante is the right place if you are one of those who love to learn about the history of the city you are visiting.

You will start in prehistory, with the hunter gatherers and see the first handmade metal items forged around Alicante.

Then there is the Iberian Chamber, created in honor of the many pre-Roman archaeological sites that have been found nearby.

The Roman city of Lucentum was close to modern Alicante and the wide range of pottery, jewelry and other everyday items recovered from excavations there.

Perhaps most exciting of all, are the exhibits that cover medieval times, when Jewish, Islamic and Christian cultures coexisted for a brief period.

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4. Alicante Old Town

Taking a walk through the old part of Alicante is exciting.  Stimulate your senses within this neighborhood which stretches out on the hillside below the castle.  You will navigate steep streets and stairs between high whitewashed walls.

Locals decorate their balconies and doors with beautiful and bright flowers and window frames with bright colors.  It is definitely worth a visit.

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5.Postiguet Beach

Close the the old town is the Postiguet beach where you can take a rest after a long walk.  If you don’t want to travel any further for a dose of sea and sand, this beach is the perfect place to throw your towel on the ground and sit down.  It’s a great beach to take a swim or dip your feet.

Because of its size and location the beach can get quite crowded in summer months.  But although you may not get a good spot on the beach you can find several nearby restaurants to eat and take a food tour.

Here at Ali-Oli Tours, we are experts in organizing and conducting tours in Alicante.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for great plans!