What to do in Alicante?

Many of our clients ask us what not to miss when visiting Alicante: So, here are our top recommendations
Hogueras Alicante

What to do in Alicante?

Many of our clients ask us what not to miss when visiting Alicante.  So, here are our top recommendations:

  1. Visit the Santa Barbara Castle and walk through the Santa Cruz neighborhood.

This is one of the top sights to see when visiting Alicante city center.  Watching sunset from the top of the castle with a nice bottle of wine is spectacular!  After we recommend you to walk through the charming Santa Cruz neighborhood.

Alicante tapas tour

  1. Visit San Juan beach and drink an ice-cold beer at Casa Domingo,one of the xiringuitos (beach bars). San Juan beach is a 6km long sandy beach and is very accessible from the city center now thanks to the fantastic installations of the TRAM Alicante.

Paseo Playa Alicante

  1. Enjoy Saturdays at the Central Market, pass by the different food stands, buy what you like and then join the locals in the plaza directly behind the market. Known as “Tardeo Alicantino” this is where the party starts, drinking and a picnic of your choice right behind the market.

Jamon Tapas tour Alicante

  1. Get out and enjoy Alicante’s bars and restaurants

Alicante has expanded its gastronomic variety not only in terms of restaurants but also the typical Spanish bars.  There’s an abundance of great food to try!

Alicante tapas tours

  1. Visit the nearby towns of Villajoyosa, Guadalest or Altea

You mustn’t visit Alicante without visiting one of the beautiful coastal or mountainous towns!

Ali-Oli Tours can set up your excursion.


altea vistas excursion

  1. Join in for a unique experience at the Fish market in El Campello.

The fish market is open on weekdays from 6-8pm and you can take part in the fresh fish auction with the sale of fresh fish to the general public.  This is one of the last fish auctions within Spain open to the public… an experience not to miss!

Lonja subasta abierta al publico en el campello

  1. Snorkel in the coves of Cabo de las Huertas, Tabarca island, or banos de la reina.

Our Mediterranean Sea floor is full of life! Go out and explore it in these top places!

excursion a tabarca

  1. Get to know our mountains

Did you know that Alicante is the second most mountainous province within Spain!?  There are many excellent hiking trails such as the Sierra de Bernia, Cabezo d’Or or to El Faro de Albir.


Almendro en flor Alicante

  1. You’ve got to try Alicante’s rish dishes

Paellas vs Arroces… In Alicante, we are very proud of our rish dishes and socarrat (crunchy crust that forms on the rish dish) … there are more than 100 types of rish dishes to try.  Make sure to try a la banda (mixed seafood and fish), conejo and caracoles (rabbit and snail), arroz con costra (rish dish with egg)!

Arroz Alicante

  1. Visit the shoe factories where you’ll find great discounts

The shoe industry is an important economic activity within the province of Alicante. Visit the Parque empresarial de Torrellano, Elche to find some of the best prices of well-known name brands.

Visita fabrica calzado

Among these reasons and more Alicante is an excellent place to visit with endless things to do!  Alicante isn’t just sun and beach…  Contact us and we can take you to some of these places!