The best gastronomic tours in Alicante

Los mejores tours gastronómicos de Alicante

The best gastronomic tours in Alicante

Today we want to talk about the best gastronomic tours as walking along the quaint streets of towns within the Costa Blanca is a total delight for the palates of tourists who visit us every year.  There are many gastronomic routes within Alicante that offer delicious dishes representing the Mediterreanean and this is Ali-Oli Tours specialty.

The Costa Blanca is one of the main tourist attractions in Spain, and is much more than beaches, palm trees and summer fun.  It is also a gastronomic point where flavors make palates fall in love.  Also, didn’t you know that the mediterreanean diet is one of the healthiest in the world?

Knowing the cuisine of the places we visit is a pleasure.  If you are interested in a gastronomic tour within the Costa Blanca we offer you the ideal plan.

Do you want to accompany us on a gastronomic getaway in Alicante?  In this blog we will tell you some of the best plans with Ali-Oli Tours.

Visit a winery in Alicante

On our Alicante wine tour we travel to a town inland of Alicante to enjoy an authentic experience, a place where the wines and local food will leave everyone pleasantly surprised.  Those who are part of the tour will be able to learn about the process in which Alicante wine is produced and other interesting details.

And of course there will be wine tasting and local products to snack on…

The wine tour lasts a duration of 4 hours and starts at 10:00 in the morning.  The tour includes private transportation from Alicante, wine tasting with generous pour of 3 wines, local snacks, and tour guide.

Essential tour to know the best wines in the region


Racimo fiesta vendimia Alicante

Beer and Cheese tasting

 When it comes to local products tasting and seeing the process of making goat cheese is a unique experience.  On this tour, dedicated to cheese and beer lovers, we visit Lili and Pedro’s home-made goat cheese factory listed as one of the very best in Alicante.

After, we return to the city and visit a family owned craft beer factory where we taste several different varieties of beer along with generous appitziers.

This tour starts at 10:00 in the morning and lasts approximately 5 hours.

“Enjoy the best artisan cheese and craft beer in Alicante”


Alicante Tapas Tour

Do you not love delicious tapas and local bars?  Would you like to get to know Alicante city center in a fun and unique way?  If so, this tour is perfect for you.  It is a great way to discover a mix of traditional, modern and unique bars within the city and ones that are typically far from the so called tourist route.

The Alicante Tapas tour that we offer at Ali-Oli Tours was created to get to know the city and it’s unique Alicantino food by visiting its best Tapa bars and restaurants in Alicante city.  The tour will take place in three bars within the city.

This tour starts at 19:30 and has a duration typically of 2 to 3 hours depending on the group size.  It includes 4 drinks, 4 tapas and local guide.  You are sure to finish off the tour with a full belly!

“Tapas in Alicante. Without a doubt the best gastronomic getaway in Alicante”


Alicante tapas tour

Get to know the best Alicante sweets on this sweet gastronomic tour

 Designed for those who want to learn more about the typical sweets of the region, this tour will sweeten all those who participate.  The tour will start with a trip to Jijona, which is only 15 km from Alicante.

This town is known for the production of nougat, one of the most emblematic sweets of Spain.  There we visit a nougat factory owned by a family that has over 100 years in the business. We’ll also learn about the production of nougat and end with a tasting.

After the tour continues to Villajoyosa, which has a historic center linked to the production of chocolate.  We visit a small family owned chocolate factory and taste all the different varieties of chocolates that the factory produces.

The tour starts at 10:00 in the morning and is approximately 4 to 5 hours long.  It includes private transportation from Alicante, entrance to both nougat and chocolate factories and tastings.

“A tour full of sweetness; Typical sweets of Alicante”


Visit a Family run Olive oil mill in Alicante

Olive oil and the entire process that goes into making it, is part of the cultural heritage of Spain.  Known as liquid gold, this oil is known worldwide for it’s flavor and production process.

On this tour our guide will show you everything about olive oil from the tree to the oil extraction process and also learn about the local family behind the entire project.  Afterwards there is an outdoor olive oil tasting and picnic lunch with local products and wines, a great way to end the tour!

On this tour you’ll know more about the gastronomy of Alicante and the Coasta Blanca.  It is a great way to get to know more about our local area.

“Alicante gold, olive oil”


Ali-Oli Tours; Gastronomic tours

Alicante offers its visitors a wide range of gastronomic options, being one of the main tourist attractions of the province.  Due to its tradition, Mediterranean climate and fertile soil Alicante is very rich in high quality gastronomic products.

 When you visit Alicante dont miss the opportunity to try the local cuisine! 

Here we take from the coast, garden, mountains and plateau and best of all all of this can be accompanied with fantastic local wines of Alicante!  Not to forget the most famous wine of all, Fondillón, exclusive to Alicante and considered a luxury wine by the European Union. 

 For this reason and more Ali-Oli Tours doesnt want you to miss the opportunity to try all these experiences and secrets that Alicante gastronomy offers.  Join us on one of these experiences!

 Would you like to know more?

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