Holy Week in Alicante

Semana santa Alicante

Holy Week in Alicante

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday where the streets are filled with people waiting to see the lively processions.
Easter in Spain is a special event, it reflects the spirituality, joy, sadness and customs of the Spanish people. It is very worthwhile to see the processions, sculpture work, and crowded streets watching the processions and people celebrate out on the street.


The brotherhoods are the leaderes of the processions and in some cases there are up to 2,000 members who participate in the brotherhoods.



In these photos you can see people dressed in tunics and typical conical hats during Holy Week in Alicante. The clothes represent the Nazarenes, the people of Nazareth.


The procession ends in Alicante with the meeting of the Virgin and Christ in the town hall square, the most exciting moment in all of the celebration.  This act marks the end of the Holy week processions in Alicante.

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If you are in Alicante during this time, make sure not to miss this event!

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