Sport and tourism in Alicante

Tour snorkel en tabarca alicante

Sport and tourism in Alicante

Alicante, a city on the southeastern coast of Spain, has a Mediterranean climate with mild, rainy winters and hot summers.  The city is located in the Valencia community on the southeastern coast of Spain.  We are located in a particularly temperate, dry and sunny area,  which makes this city a tourist destination.   And from Ali-Oli Tours, we offer a series of tours around Alicante that will not leave you disappointed.

Imagine your perfect day in the field.  The players are playing their best game, there are a lot of supportive fans and the coaches are impressed with their team’s big win.  Now, what was the weather like in your vision?  I bet you thought about the weather in Alicante.

Its location near the sea makes Alicante an ideal city where you can enjoy national and international sporting events every year, one of the most important being The Ocean Race (known before 2019 as the Volvo Ocean Race), a race around the world.

Volvo Ocean Race Alicante

Alicante has been designated as a port of departure in 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2017 and a repetition is planned for this year and in 2026.  In fact, a museum dedicated to this magnificent event is located in this city.

Water sports in Alicante

While we are in the city, our sightline we will be focused on the beautiful Mediterranean sea of which we have more than 32 km of coastline to enjoy our favorite nautical activities.

Water sports tour in Alicante

While we are in the city, our sightline we will be focused on the beautiful Mediterranean sea of which we have more than 32 km of coastline to enjoy our favorite nautical activities.


In Alicante we have the Costa Blanca Yacht Club on the Albufereta beach and the Marina Deportiva del Puerto de Alicante, where sports lovers can rent equipment and services from many companies in the area.


Maritime culture is seen at the facilities of the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante with its main headquarters in the Poniente Pier and its sailing school located very close to Villajoyosa Avenue.


Tabarca island located off the coast of Alicante has multiple charms from a fantastic climate throughout the year, a delicious Mediterranean cuisine, to some beautiful coves and beaches, within which we can undertake a snorkeling excursion.


At Ali-Oli Tours we offer an excursion to Tabarca, a small island of only 65 inhabitants near Santa Pola which has a marine reserve with impressive underwater views.  There we visit two different parts of the island nature reserve and snorkel which allows us to observe its diverse marine life.  We offer guided visits explaining a little about the history and culture of the island as well as it’s marine life.

The event will be operated by a professional diving school to guarantee the highest level of professionalism and safety.  We provide all the comforts to complete your experience.  For more information about this activity click here.

Sports on the beaches of Alicante

With fine sand and crystal clear waters, our beaches offer the best of this unique natural environment..

Tour Alicante

We have 6 beaches of which are prepared to receive athletes from all over the world, of all these, San Juan beach stands out and has an extension of almost 3 km long and a width of 60m where you will find areas equipped for volleyball, basketball and soccer.

An area that also has tourist offices during the summer season, hotels, restaurants, ice-cream shop, and many different services available of which make your stay on te of the most pleasant.  With kiosks, rental of sun loungers and umbrellas or nautical schools for all those who wish to set sail on the sea.

Alicante, best beach in Spain

Throughout the coast of Alicante there are several beaches awarded with the Blue Flag which certifies the quality of the water and services offered.

Horseback riding in the Maigmo Natural Reserve

The Maigmo natural reserve is a mountainous region in the center of the province of Alicante between the autonomous cities of Petrer, Castalla, Agost and Tibi.  Numerous trails run through the Maigmo area listedas a protected area along with the nearby Cid reserve to the west.


At Ali-Oli Tours we offer an experience to enjoy the natural area of Maigmo by horseback.  It is a great place to see a change of scenery with green hills covered with pine trees and wonderful panoramic views of the Mediterranean sea.  Upon arrival our riding instructor will provide us with valuable knowledge on how to communicate and understand our horse to further enjoy this spectacular activity.