Alicante: the best option to visit in September

Alicante: la mejor opción para visitar este septiembre

Alicante: the best option to visit in September

Alicante: the best option to visit in September

If you are looking to sightsee, Alicante is one of the best options in September, since the city combines quality tourism without having to spend a lot of money, and taking into account the risks that are currently in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is a safe city in which the current measures of this “new normal” are respected. Now, why is it a great option to visit during September?

At our sightseeing tour agency, Ali-Oli Tours, we have made a list of the main advantages.

When traveling during these times, we have in mind to travel in a place that allows us to meet our expectations in terms of landscapes, climate, activities, safety, economy, but also where there are no large crowds and we can preserve our health.

Alicante: the best option to visit this September

Traveling to Alicante has many advantages.

Alicante is located in the Community of Valencia, Spain, and is one of the most important tourist destinations in the country thanks to its rich culture and places to visit. Ali-Oli Tours offers many excursions where you can discover not only Alicante city center but also its beautiful and unique surrounding areas.  Now we are going to detail why Alicante is one of the best tourist options you can count on.

The weather and landscapes

The month of September marks the end of summer and beginning of autumn in Spain. However, Alicante has a mediterranean climate as it’s a city that borders the spanish east Mediterranean coasts, warm almost all year.

The climate in Alicante is usually warm all year round and in September things tend to stay that way. Even winter in Alicante is usually quite warm compared to other northern cities.

As for the landscapes, being a port city you can appreciate the sea, one of the most popular places is the “Playa de San Juan“, a very beautiful and long beach. You can also go to the Island of Tabarca, “Isla de Tabarca”, 50 minutes from the Port of Alicante.

The streets and parks of Alicante are modern with a Mediterranean style and allow you to get to know the city and culture.


Although the coronavirus has forced almost everyone to remain in preventive isolation, the phases of reopening shops, institutions and places of recreation have allowed Spanish people to continue on with their lives.

In Alicante, the situation has been similar.  Despite being a very touristy city in “normality”, given the global health crisis, crowds have not been allowed and the number of tourists has decreased, which makes it an attractive place in the midst of this “new normal”.

Compared to other cities in Spain, low coronavirus outbreaks have been generated in Alicante and the government has specified that these low infections are due to the greater amount of control and access.

However, precautions are the same: washing your hands, the use of masks and antibacterial gel (70% alcohol) and keeping distance of at least one and a half meters between other people, is the key to not getting infected and being able to continue life outside confinement.

Another recommendation is to carry out activities in open and non-closed places, and Alicante is the ideal city for this.


Visiting Alicante in September is cheaper than in July or August, in fact, it is one of the cheapest Spanish and European cities to live in. (URL).

Alicante: cost of life

Alicante has lower prices than other destinations, even 27% to 4% cheaper. It is 11% cheaper than the average. Why? Well, the expenses are lower in very important areas such as:

  • Gasoline and car rental.
  • Hotels and hostels.
  • Restaurants and pubs.



In Alicante there are many things to enjoy, not only can you enjoy the beach, pubs and discos, landscapes, streets and natural escapes, but there are also several places to visit and entertain yourself.

The city has a variety of castles with different styles that have even become tourist routes, and of course, among the most visited sites, the Castillo de Santa Bárbara (Santa Barbara Castle) stands out – which has some of the best views of the city. There is also the Cathedral of San Nicolás, which is a “must” for many people.

Among the museums are “Marq” (Archaeological Museum), “MACA” (museum of Contemporary art) and “The Ocean Race“.

For those who love to walk, going through the “Explanada de España” is one of the best options. This walk has a beautiful mosaic floor that represents the waves of the sea.